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About Liddon Pearls
Abrolhos Island

Australian Pearls, Italian design: a true love.

This is not your grandmother’s strand of pearls, but pearls like you’ve never seen before. Stepping away from traditional settings and designs, Liddon Pearls strives to highlight the beauty of this natural gem with minimalist designs that are created for a sophisticated but hip woman who appreciates subtle luxury that is fresh and contemporary.

As opposed to seeking perfection, Italian Designer Michela Boriotti aims to celebrate the natural variation in shape and colour in her designs, which lend personality and importance to each individual piece. Liddon Pearls are harvested by the Liddon family at the Pelsaert pearl farm in Western Australia’s Abrolhos Islands, where the pristine water and coral gardens nurture the black lip oysters to create pearls with a gorgeous palette that is an inspiration and joy to work with. The brilliant lustre and pastel colours, lighter in tone than their Polynesian counterparts, make these gems extremely rare and precious in the pearl family.

Crafted in Italy, Michela’s designs are one-of-a-kind and very much a labour of love in collaboration with her husband, Jesse Liddon. Originally from a small town outside of Milan, Michela has always travelled the world and spent much of her life and career as a fashion designer working between Italy and Bali, Indonesia, where she met Jesse. The undeniable lure of an Australian boat captain, pearl farmer, lobster fisherman and musician from West Australia allowed her to finally create her own jewelry collection that began with her iridescent-green pearl engagement ring. Liddon Pearls is a celebration of life and love and finds inspiration in eclectic tastes and a passion for travel. Based in Perth, Jesse and Michela split their time between Australia, Indonesia and Italy.

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