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Ocean Secrets

24th November 2022

Liddon Pearls - Terra Australis - ELLE

Ocean Secrets

in collaboration with

Champagne Lallier

Emily Taylor
Leeuwin Coast 

Immerse yourself in the deep ocean.

A unique evening to discover the best of WA ocean, fashion and entertainment.

Nestled in the garden of Emily Taylor, a multi sensorial photographic exhibition dive you in the deep
of the WA ocean, home of secrets and beautiful creatures. The team of Terra Australis has pushed
themselves to the limit to catch the underwater wonders of our sea.

A project launch by Liddon Pearls and Terra Australis team, Nush freedman and Andre Rerekura in
collaboration with the iconic Perth boutique ELLE.

The best of WA:
art, fashion, entertainment and nature came together in a one of a kind event.

The chefs of Emily Taylor in collaboration with Champagne LALLIER have created a unique menu
for the evening.

Canepes and Signature Emily Taylor Roast Duck pancake
Leeuwin Coast Akoya station

with Champagne LALLIER tasting
NV Lallier R.018

NV Lallier Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru
NV Lallier Grand Rose 'Grand Cru

DJ set by Kester Sappho
Video projection Art by Frankensound

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