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Pearl jewellery can be modern and fashionable, the Night and the Sea Collection has been created for a woman who loves beautiful details with a contemporary edge. 

Abstract Ring has an angular design with a Keishi pearl 

Keshi pearls are beautifully unique in shape and colour. Because of this, your keshi pearl could differ slightly from the image featured.

You can stack two ABSTRACT RINGS for a statement look or add Light Ring for the perfect combo.



- Hand polished black resin made in Italy

- Sterling silver setting


Pearls: Abrolhos Keishi pearl. Meaning ‘poppy seed’ in Japanese, a keshi pearl is a seedless, irregular shaped pearl, which develops as a result of the culturing process. A pure matter of chance, this exquisite gem is to be cherished forever.


Collection name: Night and the Sea by Liddon Pearls

Abstract ring


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